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Wilson Landslide Stabilization - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Key Features



  • 30-foot thick actively moving landslide intersecting steep cut slope at LBNL's hillside campus

  • Complex hillside geology comprised of Moraga volcanics and Orinda Formation bedrock 

  • Landslide located 2000 feet east of Hayward Fault on steep unstable slopes


Geotechnical Challenges


  • Fast-track project - Investigation, design and construction completed within 10 months 

  • Actively moving landslide situated above main throughway through campus

  • Difficult site access 


Innovative Solutions 


  • Below-grade structural buttresses comprised of drilled piers and tiebacks along two (upper and lower) alignments

  • Design of a pipe "chute" to safely transfer excess soil to the base of the slope 

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