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A3GEO conducts geotechnical, geologic and seismic investigations that are carefully tailored to serve our clients’ interests. The general types of investigations that we conduct include: 


  • Geotechnical/Geologic/Seismic Investigations for Project Design 

  • Geotechnical/Geologic/Seismic Hazard Investigations

    • Landsliding

    • Liquefaction 

    • Earthquake Ground Motions 

  • Preliminary Site/Route Investigations and  Alternatives Analyses

  • Geotechnical Due Diligence Studies

  • Geotechnical Data Reports (GDRs)

In the proposal phase, A3GEO extensively researches available information and data in order to develop an investigative scope that is optimal for the intended purpose, local conditions and budget/schedule constraints.  We believe that the importance of quality data cannot be over-emphasized; A3GEO investigations are conducted using rigorous industry-standard data acquisition and documentation protocols.  


At A3GEO, every investigation is conducted under the direct oversight of a Principal of the firm. The Principal-in-Charge role serves to assure client satisfaction while facilitating continuity, communication, collaboration,  leadership and mentoring. Every A3GEO client has a direct line to the Principal-in-Charge who bears ultimate responsibility for the data, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations we provide as well as the on-time delivery of professional work products that meet or exceed client expectations.




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