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A3GEO practices within the highly-seismic San Francisco Bay Area and offers a full suite of earthquake engineering services addressing seismic hazards and risks, including: 


  • Probabilistic & Deterministic  Seismic Hazard Assessments 

  • Earthquake Time History Development

  • Soil Structure Interaction (SSI) Analyses

  • Lateral and Axial Load-Displacement Curves

  • Uplift/Overturning Resistance Recommendations

  • Liquefaction Hazard/Risk Analyses

  • Landslide Hazard/Risk Analyses

  • Geohazard Mitigation Recommendations

A3GEO believes that interactive geo-structural collaboration is the best path to project solutions that are optimal in terms of cost, performance and risk.  At A3GEO, experienced Principals of the firm work collaboratively with structural designers to provide and refine critical geotechnical input needed for seismic analysis.  From code-based parameters to soil springs to scaled earthquake time histories to soil-structure interaction (SSI) analyses, A3GEO provides the geotechnical and seismic input needed to support any level of structural modeling.


A3GEO practices seismic ground failure analysis at a very high level and excels in cases involving landsliding and/or liquefaction.  We have extensive experience in the identification and characterization of ground failure hazards that includes providing quantitative estimates of associated vertical and lateral ground displacements.  A3GEO provides the critical input needed by owners, planners and designers to appropriately assess, manage and mitigate seismic ground failure risks.

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