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Rinconada Reliability Project - SCVWD


Key Features 


  • Increasing plant capacity to 100 million gallons per day 

  • 11,000 square foot, 30 foot deep excavation for new Washwater Recovery Facility

  • Temporary shoring system utilizing more than 350 soil nails


Geotechnical Challenges


  • Deep excavation adjacent to large Gravity Thickener Tanks 

  • Unstable sandy clays and fill material leading to unacceptable temporary shoring wall deformations

  • Water table near bottom of excavation


Innovative Solutions


  • Implement extensive survey monitoring of excavation

  • Thorough and robust QA/QC of shoring system construction, identifying and evaluating issues quickly and accurately

  • Remedial shoring elements installed where shoring system was not performing to specification

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