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A3GEO provides a broad range of expert geo-consulting services to guide decision-makers, designers, consultants, attorneys and public relations professionals, including: 


  • Geologic Hazard/Risk Analyses

  • Historical Site Analyses

  • Geotechnical Due Diligence

  • Alternatives Analyses

  • Geotechnical Data Analysis and Parameter Selection

  • Geo-Forensic Studies and Investigations

  • Geotechnical/Geologic Peer Reviews

  • Sea Level Rise Adaptative Strategy Analyses

  • Legal Support

  • Public Outreach

  • CEQA-NEPA Input

Due to the breadth, depth and quality of our expertise, we are frequently called upon to provide expert opinions and professional advice. A3GEO Principals work closely with clients to understand their objectives and provide geo-consulting services suited to their needs. A3GEO has access to extensive archived resources containing geotechnical, geologic, seismic and historical information, which we leverage to maximum advantage. We work tirelessly to acquire, compile, review and vet existing information in order to provide clients with sound and defensible expert opinions and professional advice.



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