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Bay Point Wetland Restoration - EBRPD


Key Features 


  • 26 acres of tidal wetland and coastal restoration

  • Modifications to perimeter embankment to decrease periodic flooding and increase sea-level-rise resiliency

  • Public access enhancements including bridge channel crossing and boat launch


Geotechnical Challenges 


  • Evaluation of long-term settlement of perimeter embankment resulting from consolidation of 40-feet of Bay Mud underlying the site

  • Investigation and construction taking place in an environmentally sensitive environment continuously monitored by biologists and ecologists

  • Construction on soft ground within marsh


Innovative Solutions


  • Pile foundation design that could be installed with light-weight equipment

  • Use of lightweight, fiber-glass piles for boat dock foundations to facilitate constructability

  • Minimized large fill placement in areas with deepest Bay Mud stratigraphy

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