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McCosker Parcel Creek Restoration - EBRPD


Key Features 


  • Restoring the natural ecology of the 250-acre site 

  • Providing upstream migration access for rainbow trout

  • Constructing three vehicular and pedestrian creek crossings (bridges and arch culverts)

  • Hillside grading for new fire access roads and park facilities 


Geotechnical Challenges


  • Large amounts of fill previously placed without engineering controls

  • Existing fill made up of clayey overburden materials and quarried crushed rock

  • Undocumented fill slopes with poor static and seismic stability 


Innovative Solutions


  • Daylighting 2,000 linear feet of creek by removing existing culverts and drainage structures

  • Reuse of daylighting spoils to create fire access roads and campsites 

  • Strategically placing large volumes of soil as engineered fill at two upland sites to avoid future slope instability 

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