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Dry Creek Ecosystem Restoration - Sonoma County Water Agency / USACE


Key Features 



Geotechnical Challenges 



Innovative Solutions


  • Two miles of ecosystem restoration

  • Improves fish habitat conditions and promotes recovery of listed salmonid species in Russian River Watershed

  • Creates secondary channels, alcoves, instream structures, and bank stabilization

  • Steep bank repair near adjacent structures (~20 feet from residence)

  • Construction dewatering within active creek channel (~7 feet of water flowing at 150cfs)

  • Obtaining approval from regulatory permitting agencies (CDFW and RWQCB)

  • Incorporation of vegetation and biotechnical features in rock slope protection (RSP)

  • Design of gravel filter layer in lieu of using filter fabric behind RSP

  • Utilization of geophysical surveying to explore subsurface conditions in remote locations with limited access

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