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Residence Inn, Berkeley - Center St. Partners, LLC


Key Features 


  • 16-story high-rise tower in Downtown Berkeley

  • LEED Gold

  • Located approximately 1/2-mile from Hayward Fault


Geotechnical Challenges


  • Complex and congested site in densely-developed urban area

  • Existing onsite construction and traffic restrictions constrained feasible drilling locations 

  • 50-foot-deep bedrock overlain by variable and compressible alluvial soils 

  • High-capacity, design-build deep foundation elements (Augercast Piles) 

  • Subsurface obstructions and undocumented fill from previous onside construction 


Innovative Solutions


  • Developed a resourceful investigation plan that included targeted borings, extensive site research, and review of subsurface data from nearby sites 

  • Collaboration with Design Team and specialty foundation contractors to select an appropriate and cost-effective deep foundation support solution 

  • Economical and time-saving dynamic testing program of production piles to confirm design capacities 

  • Expedient onsite evaluations and consultation to address subsurface obstructions and near-surface undocumented fill 

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