Residence Inn, Berkeley - Center St. Partners, LLC


Key Features 


  • 16-story LEED Gold high-rise tower in Downtown Berkeley

  • Located approximately 1/2-mile from Hayward Fault

  • Previously developed site with subsurface foundations, basements, and undocumented fills and debris


Geotechnical Challenges


  • Complex and congested site in densely developed urban area 

  • Subsurface obstructions and undocumented fills and debris

  • Irregular bedrock contact with variable rock quality

  • Deep foundation system with large quantity of auger-cast piles in dense groups


Innovative Solutions


  • Developed resourceful investigation plans and research for design and site characterization

  • Assessment and consultation regarding subsurface obstructions and undocumented materials, providing economical solutions

  • Verified embedment depths and rock qualities needed for performance, with pre-production pile testing