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Corte Madera Creek Levee Evaluation - Marin County Flood Control District


Key Features 


  • Comprehensive evaluation of 2.6-nautical-mile-long existing USACE levee system per FEMA and USACE requirements (embankment protection, embankment and foundation stability, seepage, settlement, liquefaction, and interior drainage were evaluated)

  • GIS database development, bathymetric surveying, H&H analyses, geotechnical investigations were conducted

  • Identified deficiencies in current system and developed conceptual-level designs for remedial improvements


Geotechnical Challenges 


  • Deep Bay Mud site with ongoing consolidation settlement and intermittent sand layers with increased seepage

  • Characterization of an existing levee system constructed with variable fill

  • 42-inch-diameter sewer force main pipe within the existing left-bank levee

  • Constructability issues with many areas accessible only by water at high tide


Innovative Solutions


  • Use of the Giken silent hydraulic pile press-in installation system

  • Use of tide gates to prevent flooding by automatically closing when water levels reach a set flood level

  • Use of passive flood gates and pump stations to protect interior flooding

  • Constructing new levees, flood walls, and modifications to existing levees to increase flood protection

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