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Monterey Pipeline - California American Water


Key Features 



Geotechnical Challenges 



Innovative Solutions


  • Installation of approximately 5 miles of large-diameter water supply pipeline within residential streets and major roadways

  • Utility trenches greater than 12-foot-deep in aeolian sand formations, intermittent sections of soft clay subgrades, intermittent sections of shallow groundwater 

  • Abrupt variability in subgrade 

  • Unstable and caving trench conditions

  • Challenging backfill conditions due to soft subgrade materials and groundwater 

  • Robust investigation and testing program to develop recommendations for variable economical backfilling solutions 

  • Expedient on-site assessments and mitigation recommendations for challenging shoring conditions and stabilizing areas of problematic subgrade conditions 

  • Expedited laboratory and field testing during construction

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