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South Campus Parking Structure - San Jose State University


Key Features 


  • 4-level, 500,000 sq. ft. parking structure for University’s CEFCU football stadium and new tennis and soccer facilities

  • New outdoor multi-use athletic field adjacent to the new parking structure

  • Generally undeveloped demolition site with a multitude of new utility installations


Geotechnical Challenges 


  • Soft soil conditions susceptible to settlement under foundation loads

  • Liquefaction hazard zone, with layers of loose fine sands and soft non-plastic silts, combined with shallow water table

  • Large areas of undocumented fill and debris from relic demolitions at the site

  • Clayey subgrade heavily disturbed and softened by wet season work


Innovative Solutions


  • Aggregate vibro-pier ground improvement program to increase bearing capacity and mitigate potential settlement

  • Construction-phase assessment of undocumented fill and debris locations and depths; recommendations and consultation for utilization of re-usable materials

  • Lime-treatment and geosynthetic subgrade stabilization

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