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Berkeley Plaza - HSR Berkeley Investments, LLC


Key Features 


  • Proposed 400,000-square-foot, 18-story tower underlain by two-levels below grade parking 

  • Demolition of existing structures 

  • Renovations and seismic upgrades of adjacent historic buildings 


Geotechnical Challenges 


  • Densely developed area adjacent to historic structures and BART subway tunnel 

  • Complex 3-dimensional below grade geometry (adjacent foundations, subway tunnel, and underground utilities) 

  • Deep bedrock (155+ feet deep)


Innovative Solutions


  • Robust laboratory testing and engineering analyses performed to evaluate liquefaction and settlement potential 

  • Plaxis analysis involving multiple foundation and ground improvement scenarios to check and value engineer settlement performance 

  • Foundation alternative analyses including evaluations of deep foundations to bedrock, deep foundations to alluvium, mat foundation with deep rigid inclusions

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