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A3GEO offers a broad range of services to help communities, institutions, and public agencies plan and act to become more resilient to natural hazards and a changing climate, including:


  • Local hazard mitigation plans

  • Climate adaptation plans

  • Sea level rise adaptation strategies

  • Comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessments

  • Resilience planning

  • Long-term disaster recovery strategies

  • Policy development

  • Risk communication

A3GEO believes that building resilience begins with a strong understanding of current and future hazards and assessing the risk they pose to people, facilities, and the environment. A3GEO understands that communities, institutions, and public agencies have many competing priorities they must address. A3GEO guides decision makers and planners in this context to develop and implement appropriate cost-effective strategies that reduce risk, build resilience, and create more vibrant communities. 

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