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2060 Folsom - Chinatown Community Development Center


Key Features 


  • Two nine-story apartment buildings, providing 127 affordable-housing units in heart of San Francisco's Mission District, co-developed and owned by Mission Economic Development Agency and Chinatown Community Development Center

  • Non-profit and commercial use ground floor, hosting neighborhood services, childcare and local organization offices, youth lounge, and central garden courtyard 


Geotechnical Challenges


  • Variable near-surface soil conditions

  • Shallow groundwater

  • Design-build deep foundation elements (Drilled Displacement Piles) 

  • Site-specific seismic hazard analysis  


Innovative Solutions


  • Collaboration with Design Team, general contractor, and specialty foundation contractors to select an appropriate and cost-effective deep foundation support solution 

  • Economical and time-saving dynamic testing program of production piles to confirm design capacities 

  • Expedient onsite evaluations and consultation to address subsurface obstructions 

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