Dry Creek

Key Features 

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Geotechnical Challenges 

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Innovative Solutions 

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  • Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Project

  • Project Manager and Principal in Charge of geotechnical engineering services for the Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Project in Sonoma County, which creates habitat features providing low-velocity areas for juvenile Coho and Steelhead along six miles of the 14-mile length of Dry Creek. The geotechnical scope included: identifying areas of geotechnical concern; characterizing subsurface conditions at selected critical sites; collaborating with the project restoration designer (ESA); and developing geotechnical recommendations for bank stabilization, USACE grouted riprap sill modification, infiltration gallery construction, fill placement, and other geotechnical aspects of the project. Prepared geotechnical investigation report for the project. Also conducted detailed investigations at localized bank failure sites and provided separate stand-alone reports for engineered repairs involving earthwork, rock slope protection and biotechnical stabilization.  

  • Sonoma County, California

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